The DIY Assessment

Parents! You are your child's best teachers. Why not use an assessment that was designed specifically for parent educators to administer?

The DIY is not just a simple and flexible assessment to administer, it includes easy to follow steps, helpful tips, and solutions to common assessment challenges. And if that is not enough, SpritelyMind is here to assist you with your assessment questions.  
The DIY adapts to the needs and ability levels of your student. In fact, it is suitable for all ages, grades, and ability levels, including non-readers, non-writers, gifted, twice exceptional, asynchronous, learning challenged, special needs, and your average, everyday student. Like all SpritelyMind assessments, the DIY is un-timed. Administration can be done in as little as 90 minutes, but you have up to four weeks to submit. 


Once you submit your completed assessment, you will receive your student's results by email. Our comprehensive results include curricular, activity, and resource suggestions, and helpful tips to enhance your student's learning.




  • Grade level achievement in core subjects
  • Learning strengths
  • Areas in need of remediation or acceleration
  • Areas in need of specialized attention, intervention, or testing due to possible significant learning differences (e.g. dyslexia, giftedness, etc.)  
  • Suitable for all ages, grades, and ability levels.
  • Teacher reviewed.    
  • Designed specifically to be administered by parents.
  • Easy to administer.
  • Relevant results.


All Sales Final

The DIY Assessment

    • Format: online, fillable .pdf format
    • Time: 30 - 90 min to complete
    • Turnaround: Results available with 1 week
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