One on One Assessment

Like adults, children perform best when they are relaxed and comfortable. The 1:1 Assessment is a unique, stress-free, yet highly accurate evaluation. Meet one on one with our experienced certified teachers and homeschool educators who will gently evaluate your student's academic progress in core subject areas.


No two 1:1 Assessments are exactly alike. Each one is unique to the personality, academic ability, development, interests, experiences, age, etc. of each student. Assessments typically last about one hour and begin with a meeting with the student followed by a meeting with the educator(s). 


Obtain the results of your student's assessment via email the same day as your assessment. Results include curricular, activity, and resource suggestions, helpful tips to enhance your student's learning, and the identification of the following:


  • Grade level achievement in core subjects
  •  Learning strengths
  •  Areas in need of remediation or acceleration
  •  Areas in need of specialized attention, intervention, or testing due to possible significant learning differences (e.g. dyslexia, giftedness, etc.)

One on One Assessment

  • Assessment administered via Skype or similar software.


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