What Style of Homeschooler Are You?

Updated: Apr 8

In the last few years, a crop of quizzes have popped up all over the interwebs claiming to be able to identify what style of homeschooler you are based on a series of questions. SpritelyMind is also guilty of offering one for a short time. In that time, I realized that these quizzes all too often created more questions and headaches than they solved. That included my quiz. SpritleyMind is here to help families and offer solutions to common issues, not create more for them.

So if all those free quizzes don’t help, then what style are you?

I am just going to be honest with you, you are eclectic. In the 11 years I have worked directly with homeschooling families, none of them have been exclusively one style. They have all been eclectic, meaning they are whatever works for them at the moment, that is what they use. I guess that doesn’t really fall under the common definition of eclectic in the context of homeschoolers. Perhaps a more appropriate label would be dynamic. Homeschoolers are, for the most part, dynamic.

According to Dictionary.com, dynamic means,

"(Of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress."

This captures exactly what I have seen year after year; no two years are exactly the same. Families constantly change, adapt, modify and grow to meet the needs of their children and family’s lifestyle.

From the staunchiest Classical homeschoolers to the most radical of unschoolers I have known, there have always invariably been exceptions to their rules. Besides, families in general are far too dynamic to place in some box. They are constantly growing and changing.

To limit a child or a family to one style is like limiting a child to one pair of shoes for life. In a short amount of time, that child will grow out of those shoes, if they do not first wear them out, or become tired of wearing the same old pair of shoes daily. When our children cry, resist, sabotage, or flat out refuse to participate in their lessons, parents often confuse an ill-fitting method, philosphy, or curriculum with obstinence, and will either change or burn out and quit.

Simply remaining dynamic, rather than cramped inside a stationary box labeled Classical, Charlotte Mason, or Waldorf, etc, would save families so much money, time, and tears.

Let me be clear. I am a huge fan of Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Waldorf and have subscribed to their practices with my clients as well as my own children. I am not opposed to styles. I am opposed to pigeon-hole-ing families into believing they must be one and done. A little bit of this and that, here and there is a more accurate way to go. Learning is best served like a buffet.

SpritelyMind will not lure you into subscribing to our site with a flimsy, impersonal quiz. Instead, we offer something different, and of significantly higher value. If you are needing personalized, tailored guidance and direction in planning your child’s learning, then we recommed investing in our curriculum specifically designed for parents who want to easily and accuratly create a custom learning experience for their children. It cherry picks only the best fitting aspects from the major homeschooling styles, best practices in mainstream education, and the latest in neuroscience.

Now that you know what your style is, go plan your year! SpritelyMind is here to help.




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