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Updated: Apr 8

All about synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms are words that mean the same thing, while antonyms are words that mean the opposite.

Synonyms are typically taught early on in elementary school. Students are introduced to them as early as first grade, but really focus on them between 2nd and 4th. The resources below are designed for kids in and around that age bracket; between ages 6 - 10.

Books on synonyms and antonyms

Videos on Synonyms and Antonyms



Next time you are reading with your child, pick a few words from the story and ask your child if they can think of any antonyms and synonyms for each. Any story will do, so don't fuss about getting a particular book. Keep it simple! This is not a concept that requires a ton of effort. With time, practice, and continued exposure to literature and writing, your child will learn.

If you are using a spelling program, challenge your child to find synonyms and antonyms for their assigned words, especially any verbs and adjectives.

For Your Reference:

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Smart Words List of Common Synonyms

Free Worksheets

Some kids will want to use worksheets. Some won't. Some won't need them, and others will want the practice. Use your best judgement, but remember, worksheets are but one learning tool in your belt.

Super Teacher Worksheets

K12 Reader

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