Preschool: Typical Course of Study / Scope & Sequence

The following is a list of skills and concepts that a student should be able to perform before moving on to the next level. This Course of Study is meant to act as a tool to help guide student learning. This is not a hard and fast rulebook to adhere to.

Remember, learning should be fun. Focus on concepts that are fun, that flow with ease. When met with resistance or difficulty, set it aside for a few days or weeks, then revisit.


By the end of Level One, ideally, students should be able to demonstrate their understanding of the following skills and concepts:

Student can:

  • Identify the colors:

  • Black

  • White

  • Red

  • Pink

  • Grey

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Green

Student can:

  • Identify their right hand from their left hand

  • Recite their own full name

  • Recite parents’ names

  • Recite their siblings’ names

  • Recite the names of friends and close extended family members

  • Recite their pets’ names

  • Recite address

  • Recite the days of the week

  • Name the four seasons

  • Identify basic units of currency (Pennies, dimes, etc)

Student can:

  • Read their own name

  • Write their own name

  • Count to 100

  • Can actively listen to stories

  • Use and hold a book properly

  • Rhyme simple words

Student can:

( Fine & Gross Motor Skills)

  • Skip

  • Use clay

  • Color

  • Paint

  • Sew

  • Build (with blocks or Legos)

  • Cut with scissors

  • Plant a seed

  • Help cook simple dishes

Student can:

  • Wash their hands

  • Brush or comb their hair

  • Bathe themself

  • Dress themself

  • Button buttons

  • Make their bed

  • Tie their shoes

  • Be polite (use please, thank you, excuse me, etc.)

  • Put their books and toys away

  • Share and take turns

  • Chew their food quietly, with lips closed

  • Show kindness to my friends and family

  • Show kindness and gentlness to animals

  • Exercise personal safety: (don’t go along with strangers, how to cross the road safely, internet safety)


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