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Updated: Apr 8

It’s never too early to begin enjoying literature. Children need only be limited to books that are developmentally appropriate. Reading ability levels alone should never prevent a child from a great story; that’s what audiobooks are for!

Literature provides the next best thing when real world experience is not possible or appropriate. There is a book on nearly any and everything you can imagine, and while there might not be children’s book immediately available on more obscure topics or people, there will be adult level books that you can either read with your child or share at a later time. There is no end to the possibilities.

It is highly recommended that parents preview readings prior to your child. Depending on the age and stage of your child, you can read along with your child or you can assign it later when they are ready. It cannot be emphasized enough that parents read the material their child will be reading, before their child reads it. All too often parents are leaving it up to the curriculum publisher, recommendations, blog reviews, and so-called “experts.” This is especially important as students get older and have access to more adult themed content. I don’t just mean sexually graphic material, but history and science content that may be biased, and even downright inaccurate.

When you and your child read the same content, discussion occurs naturally; and discussion is one of the best, most effective, and easiest learning tools available. It is an excellent way to quickly and effectively assess your student’s comprehension, connect with them, debate, and add depth to you and your child’s reading experience. It cannot recommend it enough. Besides, a good conversation beats the “reading the chapter and answering the questions” nearly every time.

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