Jane Goodall

Updated: Mar 12

Jane Goodall: Primatologist. Anthropologist. Naturalist. Lover of animals.

Dame Jane Goodall. What can I say? It may sound cliche, but every child should study Jane Goodall, even if just a little. All she has done has been in the preservation of chimpanzees, wildlife and the environment. What I am trying to say is that in the current political climate, we need to nurture as much love and respect for our earth that we can. I am not saying that our kids should be tree-hugging hippies. I just think that instilling a great respect for our earth and the living creatures upon it is fundamental; as important as reading and math, but that is just me.

I created a simple and sweet copywork book that features many of Goodall's quotes. It includes quotes in print and in cursive. It also has a reading list and a go-and-do activity that can be done at home or at the zoo. It is perfect for all ability levels, and is easily adaptable. There is no prep-time, thank good-ness, and it can be short and sweet for those who just aren't that wild about Goodall, and a springboard for those who cannot get enough.

Update!!: If you have Disney+ you can now watch Jane!!

Videos About Dame Jane Goodall

Me...Jane Read-Aloud. A story about Jane Goodall as a little girl.

Sci-Show Kids

Below: 60 Minutes segment; 13 minutes

What Separates Us From Chimpanzees TedTalk

Read more about Jane Goodall: http://www.janegoodall.org/our-story/about-jane/

EXTRA: Watch this 1965 National Geographic documentary of Jane. It's old but it is pretty cool to see her working as a young woman, and to see how time has changed since the sixties. The newest 2017 National Geographic documentary of Jane Goodall, Jane is just $9.99 on Amazon Prime Video, but I bet you probably could find it at the library too.

Get Involved

Make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute. There is even an option to send a monthly donation to support chimpanzees. Or, there is also the Roots and Shoots program for students to get involved with a variety of conservation campaigns within their community. Students can even start a campaign of their own. Learn more.

Jane Goodall Copywork and Activity Guide

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