Adverbs: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Updated: Apr 8

I knew one day this old sappy Savage Garden song would come in handy. I didn't know it would be to help explain adverbs, but here we are.

Is there a better song title to represent adverbs? Maybe. But this is the first one that popped into mind. There are a ton of songs with adverbs in the title, but how many can you think of where the entire title is comprised of adverbs???

Wait. What's an adverb?

Quite simply, adverbs tell how, where, when, in what manner and to what extent something is done or happens, by modifying another word, typically a verb or adjective.

Adverbs are also commonly identified by the -ly suffix at the end of a word (refer to song title above), but that is not a hard and fast rule. Not every adverb ends in -ly.

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