What Style of Homeschooler Are You?: Eclectic

Updated: May 23, 2019

Eclectic homeschoolers tend to combine many styles of homeschooling to meet their family’s needs. They may use traditional work and textbooks, homeschool using a schedule, administer standardized tests. Conversely, they also will pick and choose what they wish from other styles. For example, they may use Charlotte Mason style copy work in conjunction with a language arts curriculum. Or they may play many math games, engage in real world math-centered activities, yet still use a math text such as Saxon.

Eclectic is the most common style of homeschooling, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. With so many resources, materials, activities, and curricula to choose from, planning and sticking with a learning plan can be very difficult, even maddening. Eclectics must be careful not to be consumed by the search for the better curricula, and remain focused on the task at hand: the education and development of their children.

This style can be highly effective and best suited to most learners, especially in homes with multiple children.

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