What is the Best Curriculum and Method for Homeschooling?

Updated: Mar 27

What is the Best Curriculum and Method for Homeschooling?

The short answer:

The one that best meets your child’s goals and needs.

The best curriculum might just be no curriculum at all. Again, it really depends on your child’s goals and needs.

For example, if you do not foresee your child attending a traditional school, you and your child’s other parent aren’t seeing eye to eye on education, or (God forbid) you have or will be undergoing divorce, you may want to opt for a structured, traditional, curriculum. On a more positive note, if you and your child enjoy and find peace of mind in a structured curriculum, then please use one.

If none of the above mentioned scenarios fit your situation, and the idea of having to keep up with a curriculum is unappealing, then feel free not to use one. A formal curriculum is not required to receive a high quality education.

Whichever route you choose there are a few things that ensure a high quality education no matter what style, philosophy, or program you follow. A good plan is literature heavy, encourages critical thinking, and promotes plenty of real world experience and application.

There is no one right answer to education. You need to find what works best for your child and your family’s lifestyle.

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