Productive Alternatives: When Life Gets in the Way of Your Curriculum

Life has a way of throwing curveballs and interfering with our best laid plans. It happens. An unexpected baby, move, illness, job loss, divorce, etc wipes out our lesson plans and curriculum schedule. Don’t kick yourself if this has happened to you. It happens to most, if not all of us because we live in the real world.

Classrooms are insulated from the real world. That is why structured curricula work within them, and not so well at home. Most curricula aren’t flexible for homeschoolers. The more you miss, the more your student falls behind. You do not need to accept that outcome. After all, you are homeschooling and that gives you an amount of autonomy and freedom not afforded in the classroom. Embrace it and you will have a much happier homeschooling experience.

Here are 10 educational activities that you can do when the curriculum just isn’t working.

  • Watch Documentaries

  • Read

  • Unstructured Play

  • Casual Field Trips

  • Day hike

  • Cook and bake

  • Hobbies

  • Nature walk

  • Volunteer

But We Don’t Unschool

Taking a break from your curriculum to do other things does not make you an unschooler. Everyone needs a break and a change from the routine now and again. Life is going to disrupt curricula - that’s what it does. Accept it. Work with it.

However, if you find that breaking away from the curricula is happening more frequently, you may want to reevaluate your curriculum, and even homeschooling method. Unschooling can be a very good option for some families. Or, maybe your family just needs a change.

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