Homeschooling Interrupted: Schooling through trauma, grief, and real life

First of all, I am truly sorry for your loss or current hardship. I am also sorry that your children are also experiencing pain. I have to tell you, if you are struggling to keep up with homeschooling right now, please stop. Just stop. Homeschooling is not an escape.

Walk through your grief and your pain and do it with your family. Your children are watching you and learning coping skills through you. Coping skills that cannot be taught through any textbook or online program. Coping skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Coping skills that will help or hinder them in their relationships.

Grief, loss, and trauma are all a natural part of life. We all experience it. Don’t be afraid to be human, and all that entails with your children. The lessons on life they are learning while walking through these very rough times are invaluable.

The school lessons and assignments can wait. What they are going through is much more important now. It is what you all are to be learning at this moment. Resist the temptation to occupy yourselves with homeschooling to avoid the pain. Face it, walk through it, then resume your studies when you’ve all had time to process your grief.

Your emotional health is vital. Take care.

Worried about falling behind? State requirements, or testing? Let us know. We can help.

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