15 Ways to Integrate Real World Math into Your Day

No, it is not always convenient to involve the children with the daily tasks of running a household and being an adult. It is much simpler to quickly do them yourself and get them over with. However, if raising mathematically fluent children is important to you, then taking extra time and effort to do the following activities with them is well worth the investment. It doesn’t mean your children must always do these things; just sometimes should be enough to see a difference. Besides, you never know what could turn out to be a child’s lifelong interest or latent talent until they try it.

Even young children (~ 3 - 7, use your judgement) benefit from having tasks all their own that they must complete. It gives them purpose and a sense of belonging within the family. Besides it is never too early to begin to teach responsibility.

Anyway… Setting the table for a meal and even dressing, and putting shoes on are excellent, multi-sensory activities that get children comfortable with counting and ordering numbers, as well as setting the stage for basic addition and subtraction skills. Children must count out how many plates, utensils, napkins, and cups are needed at each meal. They must physically place each item properly at the table and make sure they are correct.

Watch more on learning to count: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/pre-k-math-lesson

1. Baking

2. Quilting

3. Sewing

4. Set the Table

5. Calculating mileage

6. Calculating tax

7. Calculating tips

8. Family Budgeting

9. Home Improvement Projects

10. Personal Investing

11. Event Planning

12. Entrepreneurship

13. Fun with Food and Toys

14. Fun with TV, Movies, and Video Games

15. Scheduling / time management

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