Thank you for choosing SpritelyMind for your homeschool needs. 


Please read the following tips carefully. 

  • Your work automatically saves every few seconds and will remain saved on your browser for up to four weeks.    

  • It is recommended that you gather the samples, names of curricula, teachers, classes, etc. PRIOR to starting the assessment.

  • For a list of examples of academic activities and their categories, please see How Do I Know if I Have Covered Everything.

  • Check all of the boxes that apply to your situation. For example, if you do not use a curriculum, then please leave the “Curriculum” box blank.

  • If you are unable to check off any boxes because none of the options listed on the assessment apply to your situation, click “Other” and type in how you addressed the subject.

  • The options listed below each subject heading are meant to be helpful but are not exhaustive and do not represent every manner in which a subject can be taught.

For questions please contact SpritelyMind. Thank you.