Learning should be like a good brunch buffet: All you can eat. Select as much as you like, of what you like.

SpritelyMind believes that the key to giving your child a great education at home is this: find what works, and leave the rest.

There is a ton of “good stuff” out there and it gets overwhelming trying to navigate homeschool planning. The market is saturated with homeschool products. How do you know what is “good stuff”? How do you efficiently find “what works” versus “what to leave”? The answer is a simple formula:

You take your child’s interests and temperament, along with your own, and then you set learning goals based on your family’s values, and build a plan around those things, periodically adjusting it for changes in interests, life, and to keep it interesting.


"Buffet-style" learning, where you can literally pick and choose what and how much of some topic you want to explore is ideal.

Following your child’s interests and temperament is a failsafe way to ensure they will get a superior education at home. Some would say that this sounds a lot like unschooling, and that is true, but unlike unschooling, there is still some structure and expectation of performance built in.

The process of learning should never be something that is done to the student. It should be something that they invest in for themselves.  Buffet-style learning places an appropriate level of self-determination in the hands of the student, it is respectful, and of course, always interesting and relevant.

Core Values

  • Parents are their child’s best teachers.

  • All children can learn.

  • There are no learning “disabilities,” only differences.

  • There is no one right way to educate.

  • The world is a student’s best classroom.

Student Values & Goals

​Homeschooling is more than just academics.

It is also parenting. Too often, acadmics are isolated, which simply creates more work for families. We believe the two go hand in hand. In fact, one enhances the other. For this reason, SpritelyMind combines parenting with academics.

The goal is to prepare each student to go out into the world with the ability to:

  • Care for themselves, mind, body, soul

  • Care for their family

  • Care for their purpose

  • Care for their community

  • Care for their world


In addition to a strong academic foundation, SpritelyMind wants to nurture and promote your child's imagination, problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, resilience, persistence, resourcefulness, kindness, and empathy.


Students will learn how to care for themselves, be independent, self-directed, self-sufficient, and self-determining. Integrity, ethics, confidence, and empathy are stressed.  


Students will learn to work and interact as a contributive member of a team, and household. The importance of relationships and cooperation are stressed.  


We all have a purpose in life. Students will learn how to find direction, set goals, and work toward achieving them. Determination, follow-through, discipline, and mistakes as learning opportuities are emphasized. 


Students will learn to be contributing members of their communities. From learning local government, to environmental conservation, history, and more. Responsibility, citizenship, leadership, cooperation, environmental stewardship are just a few of the qualitites emphasized.  


The World is a culmination of all the skills and qualities acquired to this point, and applied on a global scale. Empahsis is placed on the quest for truth, independent and critical thought, tolerance, life as an adventure, and more.

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