Coaching, Support, & More

Parent Partnership* is the perfect compliment to your SpritelyMind curriculum. It's like having your own personal trainer, or life coach, but for homeschooling. You will have access to your very own experienced, professional educator who will help guide and support you with your family's academic goals. 

* Space is limited


  • Academic Placement 

  • State Required Testing

  • Portfolio Review

  • Gentle & Accurate

  • Advocacy


  • Maximize your curriculum

  • New & veteran homeschoolers

  • Families in transition

  • Solutions to common issues

  • Prevent burnout

  • Working Parents (we will work with your child or their caregiver)

 Private Instruction

  • Most subjects available

  • Online & Face to face

  • K - 8th grade

  • Individual & small groups

  • Built in student accountability 


How It Works

The Parent Partnership is a 6 month coaching program for homeschoolers who desire support. The program includes The 1:1 Assessment + 5 additional one-hour monthly consultations.


About The Five Consults

Families have 5 one-hour monthly meetings with their own personal educational consultant by phone, Skype, or even in person if in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area.


Results of The 1:1 will be used to direct the meetings, which may consist of consultation and guidance, troubleshooting, advocacy, tutoring, lesson planning, and whatever is determined to be most needed by the family at the time of service.


Why 5 Meetings and an Assessment?

We have found that the most common reasons for families to seek out extra help can be resolved within six months. No need to waste time or money if the extra service is not needed. 

Families who desire more time have the option of extending Parent Partnership for an additional 5 months.

The Parent Partnership is not a PPP, or affiliated with ANY public school program. Families retain legal homeschooling autonomy.

Ideal for families who are...

  • new to homeschooling

  • deschooling

  • at risk of burnout

  • experiencing transition (relocation, divorce, death, life changes, etc)

  • in need of professional guidance and support

  • experiencing learning challenges

  • experiencing behavioral challenges

  • gifted or twice exceptional

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