1. Create plan

Create a year by year plan around your student's goals.  

(No goals yet? No worries. Let's talk.)

2. do it your way

Flexible and accommodating for all learners and lifestyles. 

3. Graduate

Build a transcript that will assist you in gaining admission to the program of your choice. 

4. Launch

Students are prepared for the future upon graduation, no matter what it may hold. 

Course of Study

Generally, graduation requirements for public school students are not just meant to promote a balanced and well rounded education, but also prepare students for college. For this reason, it's strongly recommended that the requirements listed for your state. region, or desired university or program be used to guide your high school planning.  

Even if your student is not planning on attending college, having a universally recognizable transcript is advised. 

Just because you use a conventional transcript does not mean your student's high school years have to be.


SpritelyMind will help you develop a plan that meets your student's needs, reach goals, and prepare for the future. 


There are numerous ways to educate, and not all of them translate into a neat and tidy transcript based on a rigid set of requirements. We can create a transcript that records your student's progress and accomplishments through high school, regardless if your child uses traditional classes and materials, is unschooled, or any variation between.