Not Your Average K-12 Program

SpritelyMind K-12, was designed for 21st century learners, where learning is purposeful, relevant, and connected to real world skills and experiences. Best of all, it's tailored to the needs, interests, and strengths of your student. Subjects covered include Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, PE, Life Skills, and more. 


Pinpoint exactly where your child is performing in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Discover their strengths and areas that need attention.


A comprehensive list of suggested topics and skills based on your child's academic abilities, interests, and strengths to cover to ensure a complete and well-rounded education.


Balance school with real life. We offer suggested learning schedules based on your child's age and stage of development, as well as the needs of your family.


The Course of Study includes suggested reading lists and activities with only the most popular books as chosen by our own students over the last 20 years.  


Support is here when you need it. Each family works with one advisor through the entire process. We take the time to get to know our families and learn their needs.

Why SpritelyMind

SpritelyMind K-12 was designed specifically for homeschoolers by an experienced homeschooler and professional educator.


Unlike other programs, SpritelyMind K12 can be completely tailored to your child. In fact, we help you design a daily schedule that not only fits your child's needs, but family's lifestyle as well. Never be a slave to curriculum again. 


All SpritelyMind products are flexible and adaptable, making them ideal for use with multiple children of different ages and abilities. 

Suitable for all learners, including gifted, special needs, and twice exceptional.   

How it Works

1. Academic Placement 

It's easy. Like all SpritleyMind assessments, this one is gentle, holistic, and untimed. It meets your child where they are at, and completely adaptable to most learners. 

The assessment includes grade level achievement in reading, writing, and math.

2. Learning Personality Assessment

Ever wonder what your child should be learning, and when? Ever wish there was a simple list of skills and concepts that also included activities? Our Course of Study not only offers this, but is based on how the brain learns and develops. By learning more about your student's strengths and interests, we can tailor a list just for them. 

3. Get Your Results

Within a week of submitting your assessment, you will receive your personalized curriculum framework by email. The framework can be used as a stand alone plan, and can be as structured or as flexible as needed. You could even unschool with it. 


  • Complete state mandated assessment?

  • Keep records?

  • Keep a portfolio?

  • Enroll in a private school (umbrella school)?

No problem! SpritelyMind K-12 includes one year-end assessment per year and FREE* enrollment in The Umbrella School.

* Enrollment fee is waived


Language Arts Features


  • Balanced reading instruction

  • Literature based

  • Flexible and adaptable for all abilities and levels

  • Interest led

  • Recommended reading lists included, but not required

  • Inclusive and diverse


  • Age and stage of development appropriate writing instruction

  • Real world, relevant, and integrated grammar and spelling instruction

  • Gentle, realistic assessment to guide instruction

  • Learn to write by writing

  • Student can progress at their own pace


Social Studies Features

  • Literature Based

  • Art and music integration

  • Recommended reading lists included, but not required

  • Interest led


  • Inclusive and accurate 

  • Multicultural

  • Age appropriate presentatation of historical truths

  • Chronological, yet relevant to 21st century learners

  • History that goes beyond the colonization of the world


  • Relevant, local geographical examples

  • Hands-on learning and experiences

  • Balanced and accurate representation


Science Features

  • Includes nature study/biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science

  • Real-world, hands-on applications

  • Hands-on, engaging, and relevant

  • Literature based

  • Easy to find tools and materials

  • Art and music integration

  • Science with a conscious

  • Recommended reading lists included, but not required

  • Interest led


Math Features

  • Flexible and adaptable for all abilities and levels

  • Literature based

  • Real world, hands-on applications

  • Games and puzzles

  • Art and music integration

  • Recommended reading lists included, but not required

  • Students can move at their own pace

  • Gentle, realistic assessment to guide instruction


Life Skills Features

  • Integrated across the curriculum

  • Age appropriate and cummulative; skills build upon themselves 

  • Universally relevant

  • Preparation for the real world 

  • Gender-blind

  • Tips and suggestions for integrating skills into daily routine

  • Things you wish you'd been taught in school, but weren't

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