You can't manage what you don't measure.  That is why we offer assessments that accurately reflect your child's progress.

End of unit Asssessment

Pre- and Post Unit Assessments

Each SpritelyMind unit includes easy to use pre= and post-assessments to ensure that your child is learning efficiently.  Our unit assessments are versatile enough to be used with any curricula you choose. These aren't your typical "classroom" tests. Our assessments were designed specifically for homeschoolers, 

Northwest Untest Assessment

Annual & State Assessments

Northwest Untest annual assessments meet many state requirements and are an excellent general supplement to your homeschool planning and instructional needs. Our assessments are holistic, cognitively, emotionally, and developmentally adaptive, making them appropriate for all learners. 


Homeschool Learning Profiles

Have you ever wondered how your child learns? Or, what is the best curriculum for your student? If you have ever wanted to know more about your student as a learner, or if you have ever wanted to provide the optimal educational experience, these FREE and accurate surveys are for you. They are a must for every homeschooler. 


More on Assessment


"Patrice has a real gift with kids. She is spot on with her assessments. Thank you!" --S.P.

"I was just blown away by your website!  I had tears in my eyes the whole time!  Are you as wonderful as you sound?  I loved the tone and wording of every part of it.  Just so accepting and loving and unschooling.  Wow! Thank you so much for such a valuable service.  Many unschoolers don’t bother with testing or assessment, but for those who want to be 'legal', your service sounds perfect!  And what a wonderful site for more rigid homeschoolers to realize that they can relax and trust that their kids are perfect just the way they are. Thank you so much!" --M.H.

"Thank you! We appreciate you services so much!" --B.B. & S.B.

"It is such a blessing to meet with you each year and to allow my girls share what they have learned.  Obviously it is an evaluation, but [my girls] think it’s show-and-tell!  I love that.  They sometimes discuss what they think you will say about a new project, skill, or activity.  It’s a good motivator!  We sure hope you will continue to offer assessments for the duration of our homeschool journey! Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have evaluate my kids. Thanks & God bless."  --H.S

"Testing time is so easy with your assessments. Thank you." --G.L.

"Wow, thank you for the quick response! I really appreciate you providing this service. I was so pleased to find an assessment solution that isn't a standardized test. The checklist was so straightforward and easy to use. It was actually a great reminder of just how much great stuff we've been doing this year!  Thank you!" --C.F.

"My son was very nervous at first but you put him at ease right away. Thank you." --J.J.

"Thank you so much Patrice!!  This was a great experience and we will be highly recommending you to anybody we can!"  --M.C.

"I really appreciate the thoughtful feedback you provided." --T.P.

"My kids love working with you." --R.S.

"One of my favorite things about the Freeform Checklist Assessment is that it really gets me excited for the next year of homeschooling.  Not only is it great to reflect on all the things we've done, but thinking about where we've been also helps give me direction for where to go next." ---- J.R.