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SpritelyMind is proud to develop and administer holistic assessments to K-12 students online. Our assessments are designed for parents who not only want to know how their students are performing academically, but ways they can support their students more effectively.


Suitable for all ages and grades, even the very young. Designed specifically to be used by homeschoolers & unschoolers.​


Assessments are available immediately upon purchase and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. 


Gently measuring progress enhances learning. guides instruction. After all, you cannot manage what is not measured.


All assessments meet  state annual testing requirements for homeschoolers, and are reviewed by certified and Master's level teachers.



As the old adage goes, "you can't manage what you don't measure." Assessment is an essential component of active homeschooling. Not assessing, is leaving your student's education to chance.





SpritelyMind uses a unique method of assessment specifically designed by and for parent educators who want a more holistic, relevant, and personalized assessment experience for their children. Our assessments cover reading, writing, spelling, language, math, science, social studies, history, health, occupational education, art and music appreciation, and any other subject you would like to include. 

Evaluation is an essential component of learning. It provides evidence of mastery, exposes learning gaps, and is a powerful instructional planning tool. Assessments are like a road map for homeschool planning. They give you the direction of where your student and their learning needs to go. 

For other homeschoolers in areas where annual testing is a requirement, circumstances call for less testing, less measurement. In some cases, all that is needed or wanted is to meet legal testing requirements without the hassle, pressure, and stress that often accompanies evaluation. 

Standardized tests are but one way to measure student progress, but they are not a good fit for many students. Keeping to the principles of educational progressives Alfie Kohn and John Holt with regard to testing, SpritelyMind believes that if a child is to be formally evaluated, a holistic approach should be taken where the whole child is considered. SpritelyMind also supports the National Center for Fair and Open Testing. We encourage you to read about their work on standardized testing at

The SpritelyMind method has been around since 2008. In fact, it all got started with a small group of twice-exceptional students in Washington state who needed to meet their annual homeschool requirement, but did not want to use standardized testing. The outcome was a series of assessments that were accurate, yet flexible enough to be used with any student, regardless of their abilities. 

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